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Focusing on Divorce & Business Mediation

We are committed to providing mediation and dispute resolution services designed to accomplish one thing - - RESOLUTION!  Our mediator's are experienced, tenacious, compassionate and skilled at resolving cases just like yours.  Whether it takes two hours or sixteen hours, we are there for you.

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Results Oriented Mediators  

Orange County Mediators focused on Divorce, Custody & Support, and  Business disputes. The right experience at the right time!

Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution can save thousands of dollars, not to mention valuable time and the emotional toll of traditional litigation.   We can help you!  

  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Custody & Support
  • Business Disputes
  • Personal Injury

OCDR mediators and have successfully resolved cases regardless of type, complexity, or location. Resolving cases early in litigation and before trial will save time and money.   

OCDR neutrals are trained and skilled in mediation.  They know how to get YOUR CASE resolved now!

We resolved our case in 6 hours with the help of the mediator. This was after several months of negotiating back and forth just between the attorneys. I am sold on the benefits of mediation.
— Restaurant Owner
Committed to Resolution!

We are typically available on very short notice for those last minute cases heading towards trial!  Call us.

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